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Yogalehrer Ausbildung 200Std.

A very warm welcome to the 200 hours Teacher Training with the Yoga Circus Academy!!

The Yoga Circus is very proud of it´s innovative teaching concept, where individuality, flexibility and practical orientation are on the forefront.

We would like to support every single student in helping to find and develop his or her own signature style of teaching and empower their own strengths. But we also want to accompany you to the “darker places” where you feel insecure and vulnerable, because exactly there lies your hidden potential, which we want to “resurrect” and start to use.

Through the practical orientation you will be quick to gain self-confidence while planning, preparing and teaching classes. The parts you take on as a teacher will grow parallel to the theoretical and practical knowledge you achieve. At the end of the training you will have taught several classes on your own under the tutelage of your mentor, so you can slip seamlessly into your new career as a yoga teacher.

The spiritual and physical background of yoga will always be part of preparation of certain classes, so you can not only learn all there is to know, but immediately use it or see it being used in a class context. Although subject and elements for what you will teach are given to you, there is always enough space for your own creativity and interpretation.

To pass the 200 hours Teacher Training successfully, you have to complete the required number of hours in the different fields of the Training within the span of two years. You have to write down which lessons you took in this logbook and have the entry signed by the teacher.

Whenever the logbook and therefore all prerequisites are completed, you will be admitted to the theoretical and practical final examination.

When you passed both tests successfully, you will be handed the Certificate for the 200 hours Teacher Training.

We are looking very much forward to a wonderful, empowering and intensive growing time with you and wish you lots of fun collecting all your “points”…


Infoveranstaltung zur Ausbildung:

11.05.2019 um 14:00 – 15:00


Ausbildungstermine folgen in Kürze…..